Here's what our Clients have to say about the Phoenix Team.

“We were impressed with Phoenix’s level of expertise, responsiveness and pricing. When we determined that we needed additional consulting services on the project relating to functional consulting and end-user training, we did not hesitate to call upon Phoenix to provide the services.”

- ERP Administrator, City Government


“Thank you…thank you.  Well, you did it!  Your delightful group of individuals managed to implement SAP Finance and SRM Procurement. You should feel exceedingly proud of yourselves; I know I am of all of you! Your commitment to each other, to the District, and to the project makes you a fabulous team. You were dedicated to the goals and look what you all achieved and how far you have all travelled together. Projects take a lot out of you but the bond you form with your fellow teammates remains. You did the right thing for the right reason. Each of you played a part in this 18-month process; each of you contributed to this success. I can’t begin to tell you how honored I am to work with you.” 

ERP Director, Large K-12 School District

“In my role as process owner and project manager, I interfaced with Phoenix Consulting and their contractors on many levels, Phoenix was organized, planned resources very well, adjusted staff as needed, and made available off-site staff to provide services when needed. The consultants working on the project were knowledgeable, professional and efficient. They worked well as a group and provided excellent customer service and direction throughout the implementation. Phoenix was also very flexible and adaptable as county schedules changed during the project due to county resource constraints and SAP issues.

Phoenix took the lead in working directly with SAP on issues following a system upgrade prior to going live. When SAP was reluctant to fix issues or fix them in a timely manner, Phoenix’s persistence, knowledge of SAP product and SAP practices helped drive the escalation of issues and they took the lead in coordinating directly with SAP engineering staff to resolve outstanding issues.

Phoenix Consulting was instrumental in helping the County create a solution that improved accountability, efficiency, processes and adherence to policy. Their guidance during the change management process throughout the organization was instrumental to the success of the project. I highly recommend Phoenix Consulting and would definitely user their services again.”

Purchasing Director, County Government

“As the Project Manager/Business Improvement Administrator of the SRM 7.0 Procurement for Public Sector Initiative, I found that working with Phoenix and their project team to be an overall positive experience. Phoenix offers professional SAP/SRM consultants with a vast amount of relevant experience.  They are fully proficient in the solutions implemented. As with any project, there were bumps in the road but each time Phoenix proved to be up to the challenge and responsive to our concerns and the Phoenix team always ensured that any questions / concerns that we had were immediately and satisfactorily addressed.

Phoenix was invaluable in helping the County achieve its goals. We were impressed with their focus and level of customer commitment. They demonstrated a high level of integrity throughout the project and were open about work that needed to be performed. It was a great experience to work the Phoenix team and we would highly recommend their services.”

Business Improvement Administrator, County Government

“[We wish] to recognize your company’s contribution and strategic support for the implementation of Finance module.  By now we have begun our shift from our legacy systems to SAP. The District and ERP Team executed this implementation with finesse, calmness, and precision running contrary to most ERP implementations.

This was a very difficult project in that there was very little time, resources and budget left to implement the plan after the District terminated its contract with Deloitte. The morale was low and the task before us was immense. The financial restrictions tied to this project added even more pressure in meeting the deadlines. Month after month for the past year the team continued to make progress and meet each milestone.”

Chief Information Officer, Large K-12 School District